When Do You Need Emergency Roadside Assistance?

Your car is a big investment. As such, you need to take care of it. However, no matter how well-maintained your vehicle is, accidents and breakdowns happen. What are the most common car problems that require quick, reliable, and affordable roadside assistance?

  • Flat tires. Researches show that almost 10 % of the emergency calls are due to blown tires. No matter how carefully you drive your car, this can happen to every driver. And it usually happens when you are in a hurry and least expect it.
  • Fuel. If you put the wrong type of fuel into your car’s tank, you may experience some serious issues at a later stage. Forgetting to put a fuel at all is bad news too. Running out of gas will put you in a helpless situation in the middle of a highway. In order to avoid being stranded for a long time, call specialists to come on spot for a fuel delivery.
  • Locked out. There is nothing more frustrating and stressful than forgetting your car’s keys inside your car and locking all the doors. You thought you had your keys and it turns out they are still on your dashboard. You simply can’t go anywhere and do anything except for calling for expert help.
  • Dead or low battery. Not being able to start your vehicle due to a dead or low battery is a very common problem. Loss of voltage is a frequent cause for that kind of issue. To avoid it, you should check your battery every month.
  • Overheated engine. This problem occurs more often during the hot summer days. You can prevent this from happening by regularly adding of coolant into your engine or checking your thermostat. Another common cause for this kind of issue is a leak in your car’s cooling system or a faulty water pump. In any case, regular inspection and maintenance are a must.

Center Grove Towing can provide you with reliable and quick roadside assistance for all your car’s problems. If you live in Mooresville, IN, do not delay, and call us at (317) 210-9217.

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